Submission Policy for Licensing for Film, Gaming, & Television


Welcome to Entertainment Unity Movement Team Licensing Library.  The best way to have us initially place your songs is to email at where we can stream and listen. No video links though.  Just submit your mp3 master sample in no more than sixty minutes in length (60 minutes. We will post your song in our catalog if your submission includes the copy rights for the song. NO third party submissions will be accepted no exceptions period. You must own 100 percent of the recordings and publishing rights for your material to be considered.   Not all of your songs may work, but it’s our job to find the ones that do. Make sure that you have your name, song title, etc. in the meta tags before sending our way. Attach mp3s into and send our way unless we request for you to do so. Make sure that you have your name, song title, etc. in the meta tags before sending our way.  With your music submission you must agree to submit your music to library for consideration to be sold to a buyer. If we get a buyer for your submission we submit you a sales contract to proceed further.  You may submit songs as often as you like but make sure they are quality masters.

What are we looking for?  Hey, it’s all about the songs!!  We love “hooks”;  Full broadcast quality sound; no samples; no sound effects in the songs or instrumentals; no profanity; no midi sounding music; no weak or off-key vocals;  no drum machine music;  no “live audience” recordings; and tracks that are preferably mastered and mixed for optimum sound. You “wow” us with your songs and we’ll move forward with you! You want to make money with your songs, right? Per the buyer they may request you change or make your breakdowns differently we will notify you if that is the case.

Though we tend to work with and get requests for most styles of music, production demands do change, and some styles will become “hotter” than others, depending on a number of variables.  Due to an increasing amount of music coming our way, we do try to respond to all inquiries, but we will certainly contact those back who have music that we feel will fit in best with our production requests.

For record labels, managers and management companies, music attorneys, publishing companies, and those representing multiple acts, we recommend phoning in directly. Again, we do not work with third party submissions, so you need to own and control 100% of the recording and publishing rights.

Ask for “Mys. General” if you want to connect by phone please call 1-727-235-0828


Thank you!

Mys. General/VP of E.I.U.M.T.