New Production Listings / Updated April 17 (These are all paying projects)


2017 is here and we are now stocking up with new music in most genres for the new television and motion picture season that will begin in January.


TV series is looking for uplifting, positive, hopeful and bittersweet songs. This show always ends on a positive note. Lessons learned, family moments, cases solved etc.  So heartwarming / emotional songs to end the episodes with. Reference songs: “In Another Lifetime” by Zoe Sky Jordan: “Whatever We Can Make” by Folly and the Hunter – “Work” by Charlotte Day Wilson- “Slow Down” by Twiceyoung- “You Remind Me” by Andy Shauf- “Wild Child” by Mormor- “All Over You” by Leisure- “Time” by Heather Green- “Saturday Night” by The Wooden Sky
– “No Regrets” by MAGIC!


New TV series will be in need of Japanese Pop music recorded from the 1940’s and 1950’s.


TV series will be looking for international songs from  Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia

Television series is looking for Barry White style songs that were recorded in the 1970s.

Songs needed with themes about “being a rebel”, “doing it my way”, ” men power”, ” taking control”, “being a leader”, “overcoming hardships or obstacles”, “not being politically correct”, “I made it on my own”. 

Bands and songwriters with mid tempo songs for TV and movies. Nothing too fast or hard rock. Looking for some originality in songwriting. Make our day… we are tired of hearing love song after love song. Be creative. 


New television series is looking to get their hands on original recordings made between 1970-1975. Style are Disco, Pop,Soul, and Classic Rock.


Television series will be looking for songs recorded between 1980-1984. Rock Pop, New Wave,R&B. Themes about college, partying, drinking, fraternities, sororities, romance work.


Open to hearing original songs from bands and songwriters who have voices and styles similar to known recording artists from the 1950s to the 1980s. Mick Jagger, Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, David Bowie, Nina Simone, John Fogerty, Elton John, Joe Cocker, etc. etc.


We are looking for Rap music that was originally recorded in the 1990s.


Looking for authentic sounding Korean and Japanese music. Traditional and K-Pop and J-Pop. Songs.