Entertainment Industry Unity Movement Team located at 160 Trinity Avenue SW. Atlanta, GA 30303 is an umbrella of companies that has developed a union merging together to empower a network of Industry professionals from around the globe that have combined over 60 years of experience. We touch every area in the industry from films, television, music, fashion, sports and more. We are introducing to the world the newest top notch technology for our brand with a new cyber network that has the ability to reach billions in real time. This gives all businesses the ability to have the cutting edge on quality advertising around the globe with digital technology now being converted to a cyber app platform. Also, we now have the ability to provide services for publishing, distribution, radio, and we are now accepting content for television shows for the Cyber App technology for Push Network. Corporate brands have merged with our team that understands our vision that will begin a new standard of trends in all industries! Our mission is to unite by merging together;strengthening entrepreneurs, independent record label and entertainment professionals globally through our union memberships. Our success is your success and your success is our responsibility. Come and be apart of a union that will get you from A to Z that guarantees you a support team to achieve all your goals!

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